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Daniel Zero
Daniel Zero
Daniel Zero


"Doing just digital was maybe good in 2010, but in 2017 we have to stop talking about digital - it's all part of marketing."
- Stephan Berube, CEO @ L’Oréal

I'm not a "typical" Digital Guru / Consultant who tells you empty phrases about Tech Trends. I'm a Marketer. I combine Digital & Non-Digital to gain Revenue.
I studied Marketing & Business and have always a straight focus on KPIs and ROI in my work. I'm also a very creative Guy. Yep, this is a USP in 2018.

During my studies in business/marketing and visual communications, I began my career as a creative guy in a small marketing/promotion agency in Frankfurt am Main/Germany around he early 2000s. After 6 months and tons of idea inputs later, I went on as a Creative Director, helped the agency grow and built up the creative team. In 2008 we developed smart, interactive and advanced promotion tools - 3 years later we started with co-op offices in Zurich and Dubai and were represented at the stock market in Stuttgart. Main clients were Audi, Emirates Airlines, Zurich City and many more.

After that I went on as a digital marketing consultant in Frankfurt/Main, were I learned more and more about digital and strategy, during the days of change from "crossmedia" to digital-first. When I saw I could work more agile and faster in my own way, I started my very own little army called Voidoid, a network agency with clients from fintech, airline, pharma and media. Through my work the staff from Avanade, a close partner of Accenture & Microsoft, brought me in their new digital strategy team, were I worked as a consulter and innovator together with nice folks who joined in from Ogilvy, Deutsche Telekom and Samsung. In many projects mostly together with Accenture, I stepped in the amazing world of high-class consulting. Our clients were mainly from sectors like retail, transport & travel, media & entertainment, and more.

When our team went through changes, the Frankfurt/Main area seemed to be a bit too small for me then: Time for an own change. I decided to move to the German city were you can work on new digital ideas the best: Berlin. In my 1st year living here I already worked together with different agencies and clients on digital strategies, fresh marketing innovations and communication ideas. I'm not the typical fancy Berlin-Kreuzberg social media guy who wants to tell you how to use SnapChat properly - with the combination of agency roots + high-level business consulting, I'm here for the real stuff: Strategies and ideas for irresistible End-to-End customer experiences through marketing systems, smart apps, interfaces and intelligent touchpoints. Content or media creation is not my business.

As a holistic thinker I understand how people behave on digital & non-digital platforms and in the world, interact with brands, with each other and when buying products. As a studied and trained marketer I always have my focus on business, important KPIs and ROI. No digital tech porn, sorry.

In my career I worked together with many, many clients from different sectors, small & big, fast & slow. I also do keynotes now and then and did my own keynote night, were I invited speakers from different agencies. Together with writing regularly on LinkedIn Pulse and more, I'm in close contact with smart people from all over the world on a daily basis.


# Marketing Strategist & Consulter

# Focus on ROI orientated Digital & Non-Digital Marketing & Customer Experiences

# Educated in Marketing, Business & Creative Direction

# Roots in Agency Work & Business Consulting

# Team Work with Accenture, Avanade, Neuland+Herzer, MFT and different Agencies

# Ideas for Marketing Concepts, Apps & Services, Touchpoints, Interfaces

# Topics: Connected Customer, Experience Marketing, Human Behavior in a Digital World


# Strategy Developing

# Profiling & Analytics, Use Cases, Roadmaps

# Analytical & Creative Work

# Workshops & Trainings

# Trained in Collaborative Work with Different Teams

# High-Level Presentations for C-Level Clients, CMOs & more

# Keynotes & Speaking

# Writing About Things That Matter


# In the EU, UK and UAE

# Automotive

# Mobility

# Retail

# Travel & Transport

# Consumer Goods

# Media & Entertainment

# Audi, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Emirates Towers Dubai, Lufthansa, Douglas, Sanofi and more


Daniel Zero - Strategy

Strategy Development

I develop strategies for new and fresh B2C/B2B marketing ideas together with agencies, brands and companies. Always with a customer-1st approach in mind. I see digital as a solution for an actual need - not as a must-have. Flying taxis won't sell your product - a great customer experience will.

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Daniel Zero - Consulting

Consulting Services

I work with agencies, brands and companies to solve marketing problems and create new opportunities, at the intersections of new communications ideas, new marketing approaches and strategies. Through my past work at DAX 30 business consulting and agency establishing I'm well experienced.

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Daniel Zero - Workshops

Workshops & Keynotes

I've written and facilitated lots of workshops and keynotes, working with agencies, clients and as part of professional development and education programs, brainstorms and innovation days. Always informative and entertaining with the right values. Critical, fresh and full of curiosity.

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Daniel Zero - Strategy

I develop strategies for new and fresh B2C/B2B marketing ideas together with agencies, brands and companies. Digital and non-digital. No silos! Humans 1st! I also would never bore you with fancy half-baked tech stuff like crawling robots or flying taxis that actually won't sell your product. I work hard with real assets on smart ideas that create real revenue. This is how I can help you:

# Strategies for Digital & Non-Digital Marketing & Customer Experiences

# For Apps and Services, Touchpoints, Channels, Marketing Systems, Human Centered Interfaces

# Profiling & Research & Analytics, Customer Journeys, Use Cases, Roadmaps

# Following or Developing a Maturity Model

# I don't develop Content or Campaigns, but the Big Idea behind it

# In Team Work with Marketing, IT, UX & Creation

# Topics: Digital Customer, Experience Marketing, Omnichannel, Social Media, Mobile

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Daniel Zero - Consulting

I work with agencies, brands and companies to solve marketing problems and create new opportunities. With an emphasis at the intersections of new communications ideas, new marketing ideas and strategies. Through my past work at DAX 30 business consulting i.a. with Accenture and many collaborations with different agencies in the EU, I'm quite well experienced. This is what I can do for you:

# Consulting in Digital & non-Digital Marketing, Brand Positioning and Customer Experience

# With Agencies on Pitches and at Client Projects

# With Companies and Brands on Marketing Problems and during a Business Transformation

# Together with Your Partners or Your Team from Marketing, IT, BI and UX/Creation

# Finding Pain Points, Topics and the Right Start for a new Strategy

# Following or Developing a Maturity Model

# As a Digital Vision Accelerator to help finding Inspirations for new Innovations

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Daniel Zero - Workshops

Dancing alone is boring. I've written and facilitated lots of workshops and keynotes, working together with agencies, clients and as part of professional development and education programs, brainstorms and innovation days. Always informative and entertaining with the right values - critical, fresh and full of curiosity. I'm also open to creating a custom keynote or workshop based on your need. My main topics are:

# Marketing Today & Beyond

# No Silos: How To Combine Digital & Non-Digital Marketing

# Customer Experience

# The Digital Customer

# Human Behavior in a Digital World

# Consulting in Agencies

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Use Cases - Retail


Client: Perfume & Cosmetics Retailer (international)
Project: Customer Experience Strategy

A worldwide operating retailer for perfume & cosmetics went through the biggest business transformation process of its entire company life time. During this process one of the biggest pain points was finding a new and fresh customer experience between the retail shops and digital, together with innovative omnichannel campaigns in the shopping and event area.

As a digital strategist in the team of Avanade & Accenture, I was part of the first strategy steps. In the research and insight phase, I mapped the client's customer profiles very deeply and analysed the main target groups and actual position of the company's digital maturity. Based on the research I developed scenarios and customer journeys with existing and innovative personalized retail ideas, that avoid information and action gaps between the physical shopping and digital behavior of the customers. Working together with the UX team, we could develop first app and interface mock-ups. Based on a smart and powerful CRM system, the company could gain always the right customer behavior and profile data to be in contact with the customer in all his touchpoints. To avoid disturbing, exaggerated advertising etc., a useful end-to-end customer experience with individual content and media was priorized. Main ideas were a seamless shopping experience between online and offline through a better eCommerce system, digital touchpoints in the retail shops to simulate beauty product effects before buying, a individualizable mobile app and campaigns based on customer behavior, seasonal impacts in terms of beauty products and sophisticated shop events.

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Use Cases - Pharma


Client: Pharmaceutical Company (multinational)
Project: Multichannel Marketing Strategy

One of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the diabetes sector had to respond to the changed situation of pharma consultancy today. The main problem: Their target groups of doctors, hospitals and pharmacists are still inundated by pharma consultants from different companies. The other problem: The methods of operation of the consultants were to slow and to confusing to gain the right data fast and precise enough. Also the client wanted to stop being seen as another annoying company who just wants to sell products. The main target: Creating a new and functional multichannel marketing and combining the classic channels together with the lead contacts in a digital way.

Being the digital strategist in this project, I could collect precious insights of the marketing and sales processing together with the customer behavior in the insight and research phase through a deep client and customer profiling, SWOT analytics and more. A tech research of channels and touchpoints were also part of the main agenda. After different customer journey approaches, the results lead to a smart digital system that could combine the daily work data of the pharma consultant together with marketing operations, an app for the customers (doctors and pharmacists) that could serve helpful medical and treatment data, and also an online company knowledge presence that could help with information about the drugs, the treatment and medical cases. The marketing itself went from a "Buy Me" approach to an individual communication full of valuable facts and support between the pharma company, its consultants and their target group. Precious customer data could help marketing and sales to offer their lead customers a more individual and smart way of showing, selling and supporting.

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Use Cases - Industry B2B


Client: Industrial Control & Automation Company (multinational)
Project: B2B Marketing Strategy

Going through a business transformation process, a multinational industrial company had to change its marketing behavior. Important tasks were mainly a better service and communication with its B2B customers. The focus was on the eCommerce and lead sales system with one important goal: Getting to know the customers better.

Working together with Avanade, UX and the CMO, my role was part of the digital strategy team to solve this marketing problem. After a workshop with the client I mapped the customer profiles and developed customer journeys which contained innovative and fresh ideas for a new marketing system. The ideas for a sales app and an eCatalogue for the client that worked together with a data-relevant CRM system could show marketing, sales and analysts exactly the behavior of their customers to implicate marketing actions in the right timing. The eCommerce part went from a techy oldschool-approach to a new, fresh designed and functional shopping customer experience, that consisted of a customer profiling system and customer score cards to show marketing and sales all relevant customer data. Together with smart features to release relevant content for new and upcoming customers, the client could understand his customers and their behavior much better.

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Use Cases - Stock Exchange


Client: Stock Exchange
Project: Customer Experience & Marketing Strategy

One of the world's biggest stock exchanges needed to be in closer contact with its customers during big changes in the market and confronting the Brexit. The goal was to create a tighter bond with its different target groups to gain a greater customer experience.

In my role as a digital strategist in this project we interviewed the client very deeply and profiled its customers and their behavior. We worked close with the client's CIO and marketing to find relevant solutions and an innovative approach for a better customer service. After a deep research and creating different customer journeys for each target group, we could develop a strategy for a multi-interface customer portal, where every target group could gain services and information individually. Functioning like an app with a very user-friendly design, the portal could show the customer deep knowledge, relevant portfolio and market data and relevant marketing actions. The customer could gain now deeper information about the current and fast-changing situations of markets, including relevant data about his portfolio and impacts during the Brexit incident.

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Use Cases - Airline


Client: International Airline (EU)
Project: Social Media Analysis & Strategy

Faced with a couple of business problems in regard to loosing the focus on the brand core, difficulties with the employees and a recent plane crash, the airline needed to change the communication with its customers. Social media is the main channel where a brand / company gets as close as possible to its customers. In all channels the customers weren't happy of the current airline situation and advertising couldn't solve the broken communication.

At this time I was collaborating with the agency that lead the client's Social media channels and content in the EU. First of all I took a deeper research on the brand and its customers than usual with sentiment analytics, focus on business situations etc. - lots of insights that aren't typical in a social media agency. Through this deep extra look on brand and business, I could develop a channel and content strategy that was focused on a conversation-based communication to answer customer questions proper and to show relevant service and help links. Content and advertising was focused on service and more related to the brand core than before. In this way the airline could compensate the bad atmosphere and increased the customer service. I also developed first ideas for a service-based communication app and contextual changes for the main website.

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Use Cases - Agency Transformation


Client: PR Agency (EU)
Project: Strategy for a Digital Business Transformation

A PR & brand agency focused on beverages and pharma wanted to expand their portfolio and services from a more classical approach to a digital-first. After a collaborating project for a new beverage client as a digital brand strategist, I started to work on a strategy for the agency change process.

The agency was lead by the same management since the mid-'90s and digital was barely part of the PR portfolio, mainly focused on classic media and one-direction communications. Social media was a part of the daily business already, but strategy and content was mainly specified by the agency clients. To expand the portfolio and to get more close to the clients needs, the agency had to change. Through my brand strategy project before, I knew the work and services of the agency quite well. After a deep research and insight phase in regard to the current agency business, digital PR in general and client needs in terms of PR and digital, I developed a strategy to enhance current digital skills and to implement customer experience as a new service.

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